SCCP " Aktobe Automobile and Road College»

          By order of the Ministry of Education and Industry of the Council of Ministers of the Kazakh SSR, technical School No. 18 (TU-18) was established on October 15, 1974. At the initial stage, specialists were trained for the Aktobe confectionery factory. For 16 years in this direction, the educational institution was supplemented with engineering and pedagogical specialties, as well as the material and technical base was strengthened.
          In 1992-1995, the Aktobe Pedagogical Institute was transformed into an educational building. In 1997, a reorganization was carried out: School No. 1 and Vocational School No. 14 merged with Vocational School No. 23.
         Since 2000, it was named as Vocational Lyceum No. 6. In 2001, it received the title of "Best Lyceum" in the Aktobe region.
Akim of Aktobe region in accordance with the Decree No. 240 of June 10, 3, 2012 No. 6, the vocational lyceum was renamed the Aktobe Automobile and Road College.
The material and technical base of the college consists of: 2 academic buildings, classrooms, laboratories with specialized equipment, computer classes with high-speed Internet access, wireless WI-FI network, a canteen with hot meals, a sports hall, a conference hall, an assembly hall, a library, a medical center, training and production workshops, educational and technical units, equipment, educational technical means. For students, there are sports sections, clubs, creative clubs of interest, and well-developed volunteer activities. Students of the holiday period are covered by the "Zhasyl El" program.
         The college has implemented a dual model of training, i.e. 60% - practice, 40 % - theory. 100% of the students are enrolled in dual training.
         The College trains specialists in the following areas::
- 1201000 "maintenance, repair and operation of road transport," according to the qualifications "mechanic" (students additionally receive two workers training "repair Mechanic and repairman transport"), "Electrician", "Manager service", "Manager of road transport."
- 1410000 "Construction of roads and airfields", qualification "Technician" (students additionally receive two working skills "Road work", "the Driver of paver asphalt»)
- 1119000 "Refrigeration and compressor machines and installations", according to the qualifications "Mechanic technician" (students additionally receive two working qualifications "Installer of refrigeration equipment", "Master of equipment repair").
- 1227000 "Printing production", according to the qualifications "Technician-technologist" (students additionally receive three working qualifications "Publishing specialist", "Printer", "Bookbinder-bookbinder"), "Technician for the operation and repair of equipment".
A modular training system has been implemented in all specialties.
Students ' practical training takes place at the enterprises of our city: "Auto-engine" LLP, "West Motors Service" LLP, "Elek Lada" LLP, "Transmission" LLP, "Danai-Aktobe" LLP, "Naizagai-ST" LLP, "Pegas Motors Service" LLP, "Kol Auto" LLP, "Shintorg Center" LLP, "ASSANA-DorStroy" LLP, "Aktobe regional branch of "NC "KazAvtoZhol" JSC, "Aktobezhollaboratoria" RSU, IP "Zhetibayev".
           In order to exchange best practices among the teaching staff and students of the college, memoranda were drawn up with other colleges located on the territory of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation. We work together with the Moscow Automobile and Road College named after A. A. Nikolaev, the Moscow Technical College and the Moscow Publishing and Printing College named after I. Fedorov in the offline and online format.
Graduates of the college are in demand by enterprises of the Aktobe region and beyond.